• Laura Weiss
    Working with the Anatta Foundation is always a very rewarding experience. The foundation is built on mutual trust, and their support has been great, both in practical ways, as well as content-wise. One of the things that stood out most for me is their intrinsic motivation to help people flourish and their enthusiasm in what they do. Every time I worked with the foundation, I learned something new myself. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
    Laura Weiss
    PhD in positive psychology, postdoctoral research fellow, VU Amsterdam University
  • Federica Milano
    We have had the pleasure to cooperate with the Anatta Foundation in numerous projects and we cannot stress enough how positive the experience has always been. The team is professional and dedicated, ensuring efficient, enjoyable, and timely cooperation. Furthermore, their commitment and professionalism are mirrored in the quality of the results they create, which are lead by the desire to really contribute to the target groups of each project. Working with the Anatta Foundation is something I would suggest to any organization looking for a professional, reliable, and competent partner. An outstanding organization!
    Federica Milano
    Project Manager and Team Leader of the Educational Department of the Asociacion Cultural Euroaccion Murcia
  • Hardi Sigus
    I have been cooperating with Anatta foundation with two Erasmus+ Key action 1 projects and with one Key Action 2 project. The Erasmus+ Key Action 1 projects have been about organising a youth exchange summer camps for young people who stutter. Anatta Foundation have been the main coordinator of the project and I have been the representative and a group leader for Estonian Stuttering Association. These youth camps have been really a huge success and will continue in the future. The Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project is about creating a manual for youth workers to support and work with young people who stutter. In this project Anatta Foundation is one of the partner organizations and Estonian Stuttering Association is the coordinating partner. We are currently finishing the manual and online tools for the project and within half a year are ready to disseminate the results.
    Hardi Sigus
    Estonian Stuttering Association, Member of the board
  • Teresa Cameira
    I have been collaborating with Anatta Foundation for 3 years now, both as a participant of a training course coordinated by them and as partner of an Erasmus+ project of on behalf of the school I work for. Both were amazing experiences that enriched me as a professional and as a human being by conveying and promoting values that I consider of the outmost importance in the fast-paced world we live in. The pertinence of the projects they organize, the quality of their coordination embedded in an informal but effective approach make working with Anatta a worthwhile and fantastic opportunity. Keep up the good work, Anatta Foundation!
    Teresa Cameira
    Teacher, Head of the Foreign Languages Department
  • Prof. Dr. Ramazan Eren
    I met the Anatta Foundation for the first time in 2017 and I hope our relationship will continue for many years. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Thomas Albers, Sebastian Weesjes and Sybren Bouwsma in the team representing the Anatta Foundation. All team members are very friendly, helpful and communicative people. Working with Anatta Foundation is a great experience and gave me the opportunity to explore and learn about wellbeing, nature and non-formal education. During the time we spent together, I had a deeper awareness of myself and life. I can highly recommend working with Anatta Foundation. The team have a great deal of experience in field of Erasmus projects.
    Prof. Dr. Ramazan Eren
    Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey